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Top 5  Must Play Games Like Stardew Valley

When you have got a match as amazing as Stardew Valley, you are basically just waiting for the clones to begin appearing. However, the genius of this gambling business is that while those clones exist, you can find games such as Stardew Valley who take the idea and do their own thing with it. They are not only Stardew Valley clones using a lick of paint and a dash of RPG there. Each one the next take what Stardew (and its predecessors such as Harvest Moon) do nicely and riff on this in a manner that retains the farming sim genre alive and very much kicking. So without further ado, here are 11 games such as Stardew Valley you should find , and one more that's coming in the very close to future.

1. Story of Seasons: Trio of all Towns

You could be asking yourself why there is not a Harvest Moon name on this listing of matches such as Stardew Valley, seeing as that is where this whole thing began. Well, actually, there is. Harvest Moon is currently called Story of Seasons, and the most recent entry in the show for its 3DS, that came in 2017, is quite wonderful. Story of Season: Trio of Towns is equally as cutesy and twee as the name suggests it's. Since the narrative appears to proceed, you begin as a youthful, inexperienced farmer, and throughout the narrative you will eventually wind up getting a bustling and productive plot of land. What Trio of Towns does a good deal better compared to Stardew Valley is pacing. New cities, individuals, and additional gameplay mechanics are constantly introduced only as you begin feeling that boredom creeping on.

2. Recettear: A Item Shop's Tale

It may be among the earliest games on this list, but it does not stop Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale from having a complete joy and a fantastic competition to get a list of matches such as Stardew Valley. This cult classic Japanese indie tells the story of Recette and Tear, two business partners thrown with their particular requirements for having to make some dosh. Instead of farming, here you are managing a retail shop, which still provides one to the exact same monitoring and time management mechanisms, just with no cute animals. Between bartering with clients, you are also going to be drifting around in dungeons to locate new loot to market your store with.

3. Slime Rancher

In Slime Rancher, rather than crops you are really harvesting poop - formally called plorts in-game - out of cute, resilient, small slimes themed about different creatures or items, from tabby cats into Bulbasaur-like Tangle Slimes. You exchange plorts on the Plort Market, together with lucrative types changing and changing like an actual stock exchange for poop. You've got all of your Slimes bouncing around in hutches also, generally slough off since they may have a propensity to consume one another, or even plorts from the other species, which really creates both cute hybrids. It is utterly cute, until you need to begin throwing Tabby Slimes to the Incinerator since their plorts are not worth, well, plort anymore. Yes, I understand, I am a horrible, heartless, (wealthy ) monster. It is not very Stardew Valley, but it is that exact same type of idle, cute, fun you can not help sinking numerous countless hours into.

4. Staxel

Staxel's exactly what you get if you choose to smash together Stardew Valley and Minecraft (besides the Farming Valley mod naturally ), as it is a blocky RPG using a lively, and somewhat lovely, cuboid world. It combines the aesthetic, creative and crafting liberty of Minecraft together with all the farming and community elements of Stardew to good effect. Additionally, you get awarded a puppy in the very first week which you may really pet along with your small right-hand, unlike in Stardew Valley. Chores are faster also, making all that watering texture just like a very small fragment of the day instead of every waking moment.

5. Ooblets

In what might be the ideal genre crossover as, for example, ever, Ooblets basically combines Stardew Valley and Pokemon into the stage I actually couldn't be more enthused about any sport ever (besides perhaps the true game). It is a part farming sim, part life sim, part monster collector, component brawler, and includes a great deal of goofy dance. Would you need to find out more? But if you're doing, Ooblets enables you to expand and make your very own little plants, fight against other Ooblet coaches, don various outfits, then decorate your house and perform a tonne of other things which should make this game which Stardew Valley sees in its own nightmares, and the rest of us watch in our fantasies (and in fact also by the end of the year).